Alexis Anvekar MD ABIHM
Integrative Health

Adult ADHD

We Test, Diagnose, and Treat Attention Disorders
ages 14 and up

Dr. Alexis Anvekar has been focusing on treating Attention Deficit Disorders in the Adult since 2001.  She has a breadth of experience in diagnosing and treating this prominent disorder.  It is estimated that 4.7% of American adults live with Attention Deficit Disorders.  Dr. Anvekar helps guide teens and young adults through the critical years of high school and college, and counsels them on career choices that will allow them to minimize or stop need of medical treatments in the future.  She also teaches them about the medications so a decision can be made on a daily basis depending on the daily schedule whether or not medication needs to be taken.

Adults often have developed coping tools to help them navigate through life.  However, many times symptoms will prevent advancement in careers, excelling on projects, finishing projects at home, etc.  Adults and teens alike also often have relationship issues due to the inattentiveness inherent in this disorder.

Dr. Anvekar really enjoys treating ADD/ADHD because it gives her such a sense of fulfillment when she can make such an obvious and immediate impact in the life of a patient.  She points out that decreasing the risk of a heart attack by 40% often goes unnoticed, but being able to help a patient easily start and finish a task at home or work feels nothing short of a miracle through the eyes of the same patient.  The fun part about our practice, is that we can do both.

If you think you may have ADD/ADHD, please call us for an appointment.  Our concierge model of practice is ideal for people with an Attention Disorder because we can help you with the urgent issues that often arise in your life--forgotten prescription refills, missed appointments, etc.  Our relaxed office environment will help us giggle with you instead of add to your exacerbation with life's little nuisances.

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